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Sweden Rum Fest & Plantation Rum take you to Paris 


We are visiting the barge Barge 166 - the world's only floating rum & cognac warehouse! Join Anton Öberg from Plantation Rum and David & Valeriia Manly from Sweden Rum Fest to Paris and get acquainted with the products from Plantation Rum and Ferrand Cognac. We "hang out" on Barge 166, the unique barge moored along the quay on the River Seine and visit its floating beverage warehouse. In this lovely environment with a relaxed atmosphere, we socialize and taste rum/cognac. Of course, you get to taste your own barrel. These exclusive tastings are conducted by Anton Öberg. Of course, you'll have time to discover Paris on your own, the range of museums, sights, shopping, cafes, and restaurants is almost endless. A real feel-good trip in cozy Paris!


Flight with Norwegian from Arlanda to Paris round trip including taxes/fees, 1 checked bag, transfer to/from the airport in Paris, multiple beverage tastings, tasting of your own barrel, three nights in a shared double room including breakfast, snacks for the tastings, and travel guarantee.


Anton Öberg, David and or Valeriia will be present throughout the trip.

Additional charges: meals/drinks not specified 


Day 1• Departure in the morning from Arlanda with Norwegian to Paris. Arrival transfer to Hotel Montparnasse St Germain, luggage can be stored in the hotel's luggage room. Check-in from 3:00 PM.The day and lunch/dinner are on your own. There are several bars and restaurants outside the hotel in a cozy environment, take the opportunity to discover what Montparnasse has to offer.


Day 2• After breakfast, it's time to get acquainted with Barge 166 and we can look forward to enjoyable tastings (from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM). We will dedicate the day to cognac and its origin and history. Light snacks will be served on board. Tasting of your own barrel (for those who have one). The afternoon is spent on your own.


Day 3• During the morning, Paris is at your feet, and how you spend the morning and lunch is up to you. In this world metropolis, the options are plentiful, so feel free to explore and choose. We meet again in the afternoon on board Barge 166 (from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM) for today's tastings focusing on Plantation Rum. Tasting of your own barrel (for those who have one).


Day 4• We have time to have breakfast leisurely before our bus picks us up to take us to the airport. We will be back at Arlanda at around 4:00 PM.


David & Valeriia..

Their shared passion and experience have led to something remarkable. With David's solid knowledge and Valeriia's skill in organizing and leading projects, they have together taken the step to arrange not just one, but several beverage festivals.

Their respective backgrounds and expertise complement each other beautifully. David, with his 20 years in the food and beverage industry, has always had a love for exploring new flavors and experiences. Meanwhile, Valeriia, with her experience as a project manager, has the ability to make everything fall into place in an organized and smooth manner.

So when they decided to organize Sweden's first Gin Only Festival and the country's very first Rum Festival, they did it with humility and a desire to create something special for people to enjoy. It's not just about them, it's about sharing their passion with others and creating memories that last forever.

Anton Öberg, cask manager at Plantation Rum for the past year, has over seven years of experience in the beverage industry. Previously, he has worked in selling whisky casks and as an export manager. Anton finds it exciting to work with a new product for one of the coolest spirit companies in the world. His favorite rum is the one from Fiji. "I'm looking forward to showing you Barge 166 and the tastings during these days, hope to see you in Paris!" //Anton


Plantation Rum is one of the brightest shining stars in the rum world and is known for its work in constantly renewing its expression of rum.


They are renowned worldwide as one of the most innovative producers, with their double-aged rum from primarily Barbados being a standout.


Created by Alexandre Gabriel, Master Distiller, the brand has grown significantly since the 1990s to be nearly cult-like among bartenders for its ability to bring out the rum's origin, terroir, and the character of the barrels. They have created and custom-built the barge Barge 166 where they store 30-liter barrels for private collectors.




There are a limited number of spots available! Book your trip on our website Travel with Plantation Rum | Book with Specialresor ( or call us at 054-18 89 00 (phone hours: 10 AM-12 PM and 1 PM-3 PM).


The registration fee is 10% of the trip's price per person and must be paid within 10 days after receiving the booking confirmation/invoice, with the remaining amount to be paid no later than 40 days before departure. Booking confirmation/invoice will be sent via email unless otherwise requested. The following information is required for registration: name, billing address, phone number, email address, social security number, and any food allergies.

CANCELLATION Cancellation of the trip will be charged according to the Swedish Travel Agency Association's terms for package tours and Specialresor's special terms, available at (Before the trip).



FLIGHT TIMES WITH NORWEGIAN: Arlanda - Paris at 08:50-11:35 Paris - Arlanda at 13:20-16:00 Detailed information about the departure will be provided in the departure notice sent approximately two weeks before departure. Flights from other airports are available upon request, call or email us for more information.


• Check your travel protection. Cancellation protection and travel insurance are not included in the trip's price. • For the trip to proceed, a minimum of 11 participants is required.

• We reserve the right for any program, price, and timetable changes beyond our control.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at Specialresor.

Address: Romstadsvägen 2C 653 42 Karlstad

Phone: 054-18 89 00 Email: Website:

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