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Exclusive Masterclasses

During our event you will have the oportunity to take part in private and sociable

masterclasses with experts. We have two room and 7 slotts for our masterclasses with space up to 35 people at any one time per room. More information on who is holding a masterclass, what time and what room can be can be found below. Your link to our ticket page and masterclass tickets is found here!

Room 1: Bee Urban

Bee Urban is located on the roof terrace above the venue at K-märkt and is accessable via s spiral staircase from the courtyard and offers 400 square meters of cultivation, beehives and oasis for biological diversity.

The room seats up to 32 people in the greenhouse found in the middle of the garden.

13.30-14.15 & 19.45-20.30
Flora de Caña

Raul Nunez Flor de Cana Brand Ambassador, rum lover with 15 years behind the bar in Stockholm and Uppsala. Having been fascinated in distillates and history, this led to a love of rum. The tasting will show us what Flor de Cana has been doing for over 130 years, where tradition and innovation have made Flor de Cana what it is today, both in what we have in the bottle but also how we take our social responsibility. A test where we will try to activate as many senses as possible!

We will try: Flor de Cana 12, Flor de Cana 18, Flor de Cana 130th anniversary &

Flor de Cana 25 yr.

*This tasting will be in Swedish, English can be requested.

14.45-15.30 & 18.30-19.15
Two Shores Rum

Where cane meets grain with Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd is the founder of Outcast Brands, the company behind Two Shores Golden Rum, 8-year-old Single Farm rum aged in casks that used to age Irish whiskey. Jason has solid experience in the spirits industry and has worked worldwide for Diageo, Heineken and Asahi.
After two years of searching for the best rum they could find, Jason engaged an independent distillery in Panama to develop an 8-year premium rum distilled from sustainably sourced sugarcane that we finish a second time in one of four different Irish whiskey casks.
We will taste the four different Two Shores Rum Whiskey Cask Finish; 19 yo Irish Single Malt, Oloroso Cask, Amarone Cask and Peat Cask!

*this tasting is in English.

Clément Agricole Rhum

With Charlotte Bell, learn the difference between Agricole rum and what makes it different, the production process as you try 6 different rums! Clement Agricole White Rum, Clement Agricole Gold Rum, Clement Canne Bleue Gamme Bar, Clement VSOP, Clement 10 years old and Clement 15 ans.

*This tasting is in English.

Plantation Rum

Anton Regnéll, Brand Ambassador for Plantation Rum holds a Master Class in the broad portfolio, and dives deep into the Caribbean, South and Central America, as well as Oceania.
During the tasting we take a closer look at the unique double aging, the exciting birth of Plantation Rum, and of course we will try a lot of lovely rum.
We will test:Plantation XO 20th Anniversary, Plantation Isle of Fiji, Plantation Stiggins' Fancy, Pineapple, Plantation Vintage Jamaica MSP 2007, Plantation Vintage Venezuela 2010, Plantation Single Cask 2022 Barbados Maury Wine Cask.

*This tasting is in English.

Room 2: Chambre Séparée

The Chambre Séparée is conviently located in the main exhibiton hall with our exhibitors. Here, you can sit, learn and taste with the atmosphere of the festvial in the background. The room seats up to 35 people.


The world's most hated and loved drink "Rom & Cola" with Robert Sandqvist AKA 'Rom Robban'

A fun seminar with variations of rum & cola that you have never tasted before.
With inspiration from Robban's book "The hunt for a perfect rum & cola".

19.15-20.00 A journey through the classic rum drinks with different styles of rum


Like a rum tasting in cocktail form, where you get to taste classic rum cocktails with different styles of rum together with the mythical history.

14.15-15.00  & 18.00-18.45 
An introduction to rum with Lars Renbjer

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 16.28.12.png

Are you curious about rum and want to get an introduction to the basics of how and where rum is made, as well as why it tastes the way it does? If so, this is a good introductory test that gives you all the basics. The tasting of 5 rums is led by Lars Renbjer, who is co-author of the "Great Romboken" and the podcast "Romradion".

*This tasting is in Swedish.

Chairman's Reserve with Dave Marsland


Join us on a trip to the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. Here, Chairman's Reserve rum is distilled at the island's only distillery. Several different rums will be tried including well-balanced aged rum. The tasting is led by Dave Marsland, who has worked with Chairman's Reserve for many years and visits the island often.

*This tasting is in English.

Equiano Rum with Ian Burrell


Ian Burell has for many years been a "Global rum ambassador" when he decided to spread knowledge about rum around the world. Ian is today, an internationally well-known person in the rum world, who frequently talks about rum on Channel 4 in England but has also started the London Rumfest. Now he has also launched his own rum based on a fantastic story that weaves Africa and the Caribbean together. Tasting of Equiano rum is included.

*This tasting is in English.

Rum and chocolate tasting with Duane Dove, rum connoisseur and cocoa grower.

Boka en provning.jpg

Book a tasting with rum connoisseur and coca grower Duane Dove, owner of an organic cocoa farm in Tobago and multiple award-winning chocolate. Duane is also a rum book author and has written several books about rum and chocolate, and visited over 200 rum distilleries in the Caribbean and South America. We will try four different kinds of aged rum as well as our own single estate chocolate and chocolate creations. This combination of rum and chocolate produces new taste sensations.

You will even have the chance to buy Duane's books and chocolates.

*This tasting is in Swedish.

Have an idea for an event or tasting?...

We are flexible and open to ideas for future collaborations, events and private or corporate tastings!

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