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Stockholm Rum Fest 2024

The list is updated regualary until the day of the event so keep checking back for updates!



Here you will find half a dozen rum brands and ginger beer from Bundaberg. Clarin, Tiki Lovers, Veritas, Providence, Rum Fire and Paranubes will all be on show.

Spring wines_edited.jpg

Spring Wine and Spirits

Plantation returns to Rum Fest with a variety of different expressions. Though founded in the 1990's, the distillery is part of the Maison Ferrand that stretches back 400 years in France.

*Plantation have a masterclass booked 14.00. 

Sweden Gin Fest (2).png

Tingeling Destillery

Erika brings her Stockholm Rum 1312 to the party and if you want to know more you will just have to meet her and ask!

Sweden Gin Fest (3).png

House of Liquids

Papa's Pilar Rum, presented by House of Liquids, comes from Florida, Central America, and the Caribbean and was created to reflect Ernest Hemingway's passions on both sea and land. Try the rum and understand why...

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Cane Rum Society

Delicious and authentic Caribbean food is once again served up by CRS who have the one of the largest collections of rum in Europe at their restaurant. 


Edrington Sweden

Brugal was founded in 1888 in the Dominican Republic by Don Andres Brugal. The rum is now internationally recognised and the legacy continues 130+ years later.

1423 logo.jpeg

1423 Noble Spirits

Compañero and Cristobal rums can both be found here with 1423 who have many more rums in their portfolio. Worthy Park are also present with a masterclass on the day.

*Worthy Park have a masterclass booked 18.45

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Renbjer Fine Spirits

Foursquare, Doorly's, Rhum JM, Equiano and many more rums will be exhibited here. 

*Rhum JM have a masterclass booked 14.30 and Doorly's with Foursquare 17.30.

lilla edet bryggeri.png

Lille Edet Destilleri

The micro brewery from the west, known for their craft beer and gin have now made rum. More on that soon! They share a stand with Ramberget rum, another Swedish production.


Fintling Beverages

West Indian rum Thylandia and Danish rum Nyborg Huracan, Nyborg Fiona White Rum & Nyborg Fiona Dark Rum on offer here giving reversed old world v new world expressions.

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