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Who We Are

A Passion for Events & the drinks business


A bar manager and a project manager get married, the end result? Swedens first Gin only festival and for the first time in this country a Rum festival!

Davids passion for the drinks business that has led to a long and interesting story of a career, has slowly over the years, infatuated Valeriia who now appreciates a cold, fragrant Gin & Tonic, as much as David does. With Davids 20 years in the food & beverage sector and Valeriia's vast experience as a project manager, organising drinks festivals were a no brainer.

We are a couple of ambitious lovers of good food and good drinks who like to create things from scratch and make them into something wonderful.


Fyren HB and our event Stockholm Gin Fest was founded in 2019 after David, saw the rising trend of the gin category. With many years experience in the hospitality industry, most of which in some of Stockholms best known bars, David noticed a growing popularity with gin. A spirit he is very family with, being born and raised in London, England.

The idea to house and host a festival for gin came to surface on World Gin Day, the second Saturday of June, 2019. The huge success, despite the sceptism fuelld the tradition which is now a yearly event.

On World Rum day 2002, over a glass of the nectar gold, the plans for the premiere of our latest event was set in stone and our Rum Festival was a reality!

Our third event Stockholm Gin Fest will be this year, on Saturday June 10th and for the first time, also this year, we present Stockholm Rum & Caribbean Drinks Fest on Saturday May 13th!

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